The Tour de Scottsdale welcomes riders of all varying levels. Whether you are a pro-rider or a weekend warrior, cyclists enjoy the 2700 climbing feet elevation and downhill sweeps along a scenic course. We strive to produce a top notch event in which safety is the top priority.

Safety Tips and Requirements:

Here are our top 10 reminders to help keep yourself and other riders safe during the Tour de Scottsdale:

  1. Prep Your Bike: Keep your brakes and chain in good working order, and your tired well-inflated. Adjust seat height for an efficient and pain-free ride; when seated, your leg should be almost straight, with your foot flat on lower pedal. Give it a test ride before heading out. Have extra tubes for the event.
  2. No aerobars: Aerobars have earned a reputation for “sketchy” group riding, and this is the biggest reason why they are not allowed in the Tour de Scottsdale. Save your aero time for solo riders and triathlons.
  3. Be Distraction – Free: Use of mobile devices or headphones is grounds for disqualification. Even with the volume turned way down or with only the right earbud in, you still cant hear approaching vehicles or other riders.
  4. Communicate: Always use hand signals when turning, slowing down or stopping; before passing other riders, shoulder check and use your voice to communicate with other riders if/when passing.
  5. Passing: Stay to the right side of the white line. Use caution and patience when overtaking other riders and offer a polite “On your left.” Ride in a straight line and try to be predictable in your movements- effective positioning will help you be seen on the road by other riders and users of the road.
  6. Respect Road Rules: Make sure you are paying attention to Police/traffic controls, as well as event signage and knowing your course turns before the event. Please be mindful of all course changes. It is your responsibility to be respectful to other riders for your and their safety.
  7. Know the Road & Your Course: When cycling along the course, use an updated course map to plan before you ride.
  8. Hydrate: Arizona is very dry and even during our October event, late morning temperatures can get to the high 80’s. While the Tour de Scottsdale provides air stations along both courses, it is your responsibility to bring what you need to stay properly hydrated and any extra nutrition you might need.
  9.  Turns: All turns deserve attention, but left turns require extra special attention. There are a number of turns along both 30-mile and 70-mile courses. Slow down and be aware of others around you.
  10. Apply basic rules of the road to Tour de Scottsdale! Ride officials have your best interests and safety in mind on event day, but you should still use sound judgement at all times, even if it means hesitating a few seconds to pass through a high traffic area, intersections and turns. Last but not least, be respectful to your fellow riders and all volunteers.